• Server rules

    1. No voice recording on our server!
    2. Hack attacks are punishable, the IP's are logged and any attempt will be charged!
    3. Do not spam the Server Log with Actions such as Rapidly changing channel Names / channel switching or similar
    4. Private Data are not allowed to be published without the permission of the concerning Person!
    5. Music streaming only with the consent of the users present in the channel.
    6. No Fake Nicknames!
    7. No Chat/Voice Spam!
    8. No join/leave Spamming!
    9. No Voice Changer or similar
    10. Discussions interfere and / or interrupting should be avoided!
    11. Background noise should be avoided
    12. You are not allowed to annoy other users by cycling through the channels
    13. The poking of users is prohibited!
    14. The accounts of users with offensive, pornographic, illegal, politically charged or right-wing extremist nicknames will be banned.
    15. The accounts of users sending offensive, pornographic, illegal, politically charged or right-wing extremist personal messages in the server or posting such content in the server (whether text or pictures) will be banned.
    16. Excessive abuse or harassment of other users, including (but not exclusive to) the heckling of new users, is prohibited.Watch your language,If you are caught being gratuitously offensive or abusive to other users/admins we will punish you for that.(kick,ban action) People come here for fun, they do not expect to receive abuse. We have a zero tolerance policy. If you act anti-socially, then expect to be dealt with accordingly!
    17. Any use of racism or racist comments through means including (but not exclusive to) the text-chat facility and voice-communication even between friends, is prohibited.
    18. Impersonating a Admin, either expressly or through implication, is prohibited.
  • Warning and Ban Policy

    1. Contraventions of the server rules can be punishable through a variety of means, the most serious of which is a global ban from our server. Depending upon the severity of the contravention, an admin may, at his or her own discretion, apply a temp-ban or a perm-ban.
    2. The first temp-ban will ban the user from our server for 7 days, the second for 14 days, and the third will be permanent.
    3. A perm-ban will ban the player from our server permanently.
    4. If you are banned, and are unsure why, you may make a new topic in the appropiate forum, or can ask for assistance in #public-enemy on QuakeNet.
    5. Extra Addition for Dutch People Let een beetje op je Taal, het woord "Kanker" of "kk" of iets wat er op lijkt wordt niet getolereerd! ook als je iemands familie lid gaan zitten uitschelden zul je uit de server worden verwijderd, mensen komen hier voor de lol en iemand familie heeft niks met de server te maken.
  • Private Channel Rules

    1. Channel Names or Description should not contain any political issues or other offensive Words!
    2. Do not use any IP Logger or similar in the Channel Description!
    3. You are not allowed to set the Password in the Channel Name, Description or Topic of TEMPORARY Channels!
  • Advertising

    1. You are not allowed to advertise for any Commercial Products!
    2. You are not allowed to advertise for any other Teamspeak Server!
  • Economy System

    1. Not implemented yet
Admins can change the rules at any time!